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How could we not love Italy? After all, it’s home to something we’re passionate about – the Slow Food movement. (In fact in Italy, it’s just… food.) We love the passion for eating simple but delicious meals and allowing the ingredients speak for themselves. Italian food culture is unlike any other.

But there’s more to Italy than just food and we’ve loved just about every experience we’ve had here. (Sorry Pisa.) We’ve found our spiritual home in the mountains of South Tyrol, fell in love with the hilltop villages of Umbria, marvelled at the coastlines of Sardinia, and indulged in the traditions of Tuscany.

And while Andrew still isn’t sold on Venice, we had one of the best meals of our life in Veneto. (Alison is still holding out hope for a return to the canals.)

Exploring the rest of Italy by motorhome is near the top of our wish list so you can be sure those empty spaces on the map below will be filled in soon.

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Regions we’ve covered

Sicily Slow Travel
Venice, Veneto, Italy

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